About Us & Hair Care




  •  Our bundles from the Lavish Hair Zesty Girl Collection can be bleached from a natural #1B color to a #613 Blonde color. We've traveled all around New York in search of finding Top Quality Hair for our main collection 12a grade Human hair.
  • Our 12a human hair collection speaks volumes, and our Zesty Girls Love IT! It's grade is due to the natural rawness and lengthy lifespan!
  • We also provide 10A hair as well for ladies shopping for more of a convenient price! 
We find pride in providing nothing, but the Best! 
  • Our Lavish Hair is Top Quality averages a life-span of 2-4 years with proper care
    • Proper care consists of : HUMAN HAIR TREAT AS SUCH!!!!
      • During the Detangling process ALWAYS Brush hair starting from the Ends to the Roots
        • Start from Back to Front in Sections
      • Co-washing Hair:  Wash hair every 1.5 - 2 weeks 
        • Use alcohol free Hair products when cleansing the hair: Recommend Mane Choice hair products,or vegan products!
        • Deep Condition Hair every 2-3 weeks especially after using heavy-oils & products
      • Always Air-Dry Hair for Best results & OIL HAIR as if it is coming from the scalp!
        • Shea Butter/Coconut Oil : Prevents Dryness & lessens Breakage, while intensifying Hair Curl Pattern 
          • Use Light Oil Serums: 2-3 times a week, & After curling/flat-ironing (only small amount needed)
        • MUST USE HEAT PROTECTOR (ALWAYS when using heat)